You know what they say, two great minds think alike. It is a love (OK - obsession) for all things design that brought the:meaZure together. The women behind the brand, both self-admitted design addicts, are part of a developing 'eclectic design tribe' dedicated to the realization of interiors based not on a single esthetic, but the weaving of their clients' lifestyles, experiences, and tastes into a unique and gorgeous tapestry that reflects the individual.

LAILI KAFI GONZALEZ is a product queen and color junkie living in Zurich and originally from Boston. For over a decade, she has designed highly individualized luxury interiors. Mum to two cheeky chappies, she now casts her keen eye for detail in the world of kid's design and fashion alongside leading interior design projects for clients in Switzerland and the US.

GEORGINA HOLMES is a marketing maven from Bristol and now based in Sydney. Edgy by style, smart by nature, she has oodles of experience in the international luxury real estate market and interior design. With her detailed knowledge of construction and interior design, Georgina's funky, unique and intensely fabulous style is precisely what the:meaZure's Australian clients are looking for.